Vibration (Andrew Weatherall Tribute Mix)

A track inspired by The General (Andrew Weatherall) and ALFOS nights. Slow chugger with a nice quote from interview with Andy. Had a really inspiring night out at ALFOS in Meraki, Liverpool and the chugging music was awesome that night. Feel this track covers some of the vibe felt that night, Sean is a master … Continue reading Vibration (Andrew Weatherall Tribute Mix)

Sheffield Tribute Mix (Early 90s) Tribute mix to the tunes of early 90s Sheffield, Musiquarium, Nelson Mandela Bar. You had to be there haha.... Enjoy. Tracklist:1. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space - Reach for me2. Expose - Tell me why3. MK - Burning4. Parra Dice - Can you hear me5. TC1991 - Berry6. Gypsy - I trance you7. … Continue reading Sheffield Tribute Mix (Early 90s)

CLAM (Cheeky Little Acid Mix) Here is a cheeky little acid mix. Please enjoy it.1 Opus 303 - Le Mystere2 Living in a land - Gene Hunt3 Something Scary - Zsa Zsa Laboum4 Modechine - Eskimo Twins5 Amnesia - Mr Fingers6 Acid System 3 - Acid System 37 Acid Trax - Phuture8 I've Lost Control (House) - Sleezy D9 … Continue reading CLAM (Cheeky Little Acid Mix)

Techno Pot Noodle

So one day I was doing a techno track in Ableton, whilst I made a Pot Noodle. Hmmmm I thought, why not combine the two?!!! This abomination is the outcome - njoi!!!